“Satisfying Service” – Palvesh Patel

Palvesh Patel, Co-founder and Managing Director of Perfect Smile Dental Clinics, recently utilised the services of DE Finance. He says: “With 22 clinics in London and Newcastle, my business partner Chirag Patel and I were looking for a better rate of interest to help fund our new practices.

“Consequently, we were able to secure the necessary funding at a rate that was beneficial to us. “Having chose DE Finance because we were impressed in the initial meeting, we were not disappointed – our representative was always contactable, kept us up to date and provided an exemplary service. “With the additional benefit that we achieved our intended outcome with no issues whatsoever, I would definitely recommend the use of a broker to other groups.”

DE Finance provides a full service including: An assessment of your upper lending limit, a detailed analysis of the cost of the loan, assistance with applications to banks and sourcing the best loan rate.

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