What is my dental practice worth?

If you want to sell your dental practice, there are various agreements you can enter into with the buyer and the deal’s structure can actually be more important than the final purchase price. At Dental Elite, we will work with you and your solicitor to guide the sale and ensure that all aspects of the transaction run smoothly.

Our free dental practice valuation report is a practice health check with a difference. It includes a more in-depth analysis of your dental practice and useful advice on how your valuation could be higher if you were to implement certain changes. Factors taken into account here may include your patient base, practice location and staffing costs. We will also review your current CQC registration to ensure that it matches your trading structure so that there aren’t unnecessary delays in any transaction when you decide it should happen.

We have been completing practice health checks since our inception and are now selling a number of these practices for a much higher price. This is in a large part because the market has improved but also because the practices we work with have improved their EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation) by growing their income or saving on running expenses. This would have increased the value of their dental businesses, even if the status quo had remained the same.

As every practice is different, every report is different. Each one offers a thorough snapshot of the state of your business’s health and also what price you could achieve on the marketplace at the present time. This useful report doesn’t just cover financial issues but also tries to pick up on potential problems should you come to sell, e.g. the associates, the lease, the NHS, the yield and everything else in between!

Report Content

  • Commentary on the Biggest Issues Likely to Impact Your Sale
  • Your P&L EBITDA vs Adjusted EBITDA
  • Marketing Ideas and Techniques
  • Market Analysis / Comparable Data of Recent Agreed Deals & Completions
  • Review and advice on Contractual issues, NHS, Employment, Incorporation and Leases etc.
  • The Ease of Raising Finance on Your Practice

What does our practice valuation report include?

dental practice valuation

A cost base analysis, showing how you compare to similar dental practices we’ve valued

dental practice valuation

The profitability & occupancy rate of your hygiene chair

dental practice valuation

Exit planning and an indication of likely post-sale commitments

dental practice valuation

A line-by-line breakdown of how your practice value has been calculated

Frequently Asked Questions

A dental practice valuation is a document that provides information to the various stakeholders participating in the practice sale. For a vendor, it involves calculating the worth of the practice and for the buyer, it means understanding the worth of the business’ assets. It is of the utmost importance to banks and lenders to determine whether the practice is sufficiently valuable for them to lend the requested amount of money against. Remember – only by working with experienced dental brokers or appraisers can you ensure a thorough, unbiased valuation process.

The value of your dental practice will be determined by the EBITDA, which reflects the true operating performance and profitability of the practice. To calculate the EBITDA, the valuer will need figures such as annual turnover, NHS contract value, UDA value, average associate fees and other costs like staff, rent, materials and lab bills. The EBITDA is then multiplied by a factor determined by the current market to achieve an initial valuation. Read our full article on the science and art behind dental practice valuations to find out more about our valuation methods.

Every six months we release an update as to what the market for the goodwill of dental practices is doing, including full KPI data in the May version. Fill out the form on our Goodwill Survey page we will send you the updated results as soon as they are released.

"We chose Dental Elite over other companies due to the team being approachable, knowledgeable and caring. Julie Randle was our initial and main point of contact throughout the process; from creating the package, liaising with potential buyers, and updating us through the early stages. Carl Wetton assisted us during the latter stages, from a financial point, which proved effective and very worthwhile for us. Another big bonus was that in the last few days before completion, Julie reviewed the figures and, due to an increase in EBITDA, successfully added another 8% on to the agreed price! We would highly recommend Dental Elite to other practices who are considering a sale."
Amy Hill
“Phil Kolodynski was very efficient. He gathered information so that he could provide a valuation range, which was surprisingly attractive at almost double what I had thought it would be worth. Dental Elite put a presentation together and already had a list of buyer clients in mind. Within a couple of weeks, we had four viewings, followed by three offers – one of which we accepted. Dental Elite provided a lot of support throughout the entire process, and after completion. This helped to ensure that I received the full payment. I would definitely recommend Dental Elite to others. If you’re considering selling, get a valuation with them – it may make your mind up for you about whether to proceed!"
Jonny Swift
“My experience working with Phil and Carl was very positive, they were both professional, helpful and knowledgeable. They gave me the ultimate confidence from the get-go, which is definitely what you need when you’ve got someone managing the sale. “I certainly would recommend Dental Elite's services to others – They were excellent!”
Michelle Bates
“Dental Elite were so professional, knew their numbers and had dealt with similar sales situations like mine before. They filled me with confidence. They also had the invaluable experience and contacts needed for a smooth process. It was an amazing experience. Phil Kolodynski immediately understood my requirements and was always at the end of the phone, day or night, weekend or even on holiday! I was very happy with the deal he achieved. If you’re thinking of selling, don’t think twice – use Dental Elite!”
Pujan Soni
“We chose Dental Elite after we initially had the practice on sale with another agent who had overvalued the practice. I worked with Phil Kolodynski then Carl Wetton. They were both highly professional and helped guide us through the sales process.”
Stephen Potter
  • Phil joined Dental Elite at the start of 2017 and soon became an integral part of the practice sales team before being promoted to Director of Practice Sales in April 2023.  He has over 10 years’ experience in the dental industry specialising in implantology, periodontal disease and pharmaceutical sales where he was the National Sales Manager.

    Phil Kolodynski
    Director of Practice Sales
  • Ted joined Dental Elite in 2018 and has since become an integral part of the Practice Sales Team. He is responsible for overseeing all practice sales in Scotland and Ireland.

    Ted Johnston
    Practice Consultant for Scotland & Ireland
  • Julie joined the team in 2019. She has an extensive background in Practice Management and has a depth of knowledge of the inner workings of a Dental Practice. Combined with running large practices and her financial acumen Julie has the perfect transferable skills for a Dental Broker at Dental Elite.

    Julie Randle
    Senior Practice Consultant
  • Nick joined Dental Elite in September 2020 as Senior practice valuer.  Nick’s background prior to Dental Elite was in Mergers, Acquisitions and Portfolio Manager for a Worldwide Dental Corporate assisting the group to grow from 44 to circa 465 sites at the time he left. With an extensive background of 18 years in the healthcare and dental sector, holding positions ranging from area and regional manager to operations and sales, Nick has become an integral part of the practice sales team.

    Nick Moore
    Senior Practice Consultant
  • Carl joined Dental Elite in June 2014 and is a very experienced account manager which has been recognised with an Employee of the Year award and Highly Commended Award for the same over the years. As Sales Progression Manager, Carl carefully manages sales once they’ve been agreed, providing you with the support and guidance you need throughout your selling process.

    Carl Wetton
    Sales Progression Manager
  • Lottie joined us as a Buyer Account Manager in March 2020 and has worked her way through the company to a Sales Progression Manager. With over 10 years of Account Management experience prior to joining Dental Elite – Lottie is here to ensure that any practice sale we act for progresses smoothly to completion.

    Lottie McBean
    Sales Progression Manager
  • Tommy joined Dental Elite in January 2023 and is a member of our Finance team. Tommy joined us from a background of account management and business development within the industrial sector. Tommy loves to work closely with clients and to help them cultivate their own successful practice that will establish them for years to come.

    Tommy Glasscoe
    Finance Broker
  • Luke rejoined the team in February 2024 as our experienced Locum Controller, after a few years away. With tailored recruitment solutions and a commitment to excellence, Luke delivers exceptional results for candidates and clients in the UK dental industry. Trust Luke to provide personalized support throughout the recruitment process.

    Luke Arnold
    Locum Controller
  • Toni Robison is a dedicated and dynamic professional who brings a wealth of expertise to the Dental Elite team. Joining the organization in September 2023 as a Recruitment Consultant, Toni’s mission is to connect talented dental professionals with their dream career opportunities.

    Toni Robison
    Recruitment Consultant
  • Mark joined Dental Elite in June 2024 as a Recruitment Resourcer, where he finds top talent for our team. His role is crucial in ensuring we continue to grow and succeed by securing the best candidates.

    Mark Rushton
    Recruitment Resourcer
  • Jessica Gwynn joined Dental Elite in April 2023 as a talented graphic designer. With her exceptional creativity and dedication, she swiftly ascended to the role of Creative Marketing Manager, leading our dynamic marketing team. Jessica brings a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to every project, ensuring Dental Elite remains at the forefront of the industry.

    Jess Gwynn
    Creative Marketing Manager
  • Jodie Newell, our esteemed Financial Controller at Dental Elite, brought her wealth of financial expertise to the team when she joined us in July 2022. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, Jodie oversees all aspects of our financial operations, ensuring accuracy and compliance at every turn. Her strategic guidance and astute financial management play a pivotal role in driving Dental Elite’s success and growth.

    Jodie Newell
    Financial Controller
  • Mandy Noble joined Dental Elite in March 2023, bringing her dedication and proficiency to the role of Finance Assistant. Working closely alongside Jodie, she plays a vital part in maintaining the smooth operation of our financial processes. Mandy’s attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensure that our financial operations run efficiently and accurately.

    Mandy Noble
    Finance Assistant