Our CQC Application Support Service

Changing the CQC Registration over is a crucial part of any transaction both to ensure that you are legally registered correctly and to ensure that the timings of these new registrations do-not hold back the transaction because you do-not have the appropriate documentation at the right time, particularly where NHS England are concerned;

  • Did You Know the CQC Registration Process can now take up to Eleven Weeks in some areas before a fit person interview is even arranged?
  • The CQC Form Validation process is incredibly tight and you have to explain N/A answers like why Food Safety isn’t relevant to dental practices.
  • A kin to a game of Snakes & Ladders if you make one error on the form you have to re-submit the entire application.
  • You need your CQC Counter-signed DBS Checks returned before you can submit an application and this too can take a number of weeks.
  • The CQC Forms have recently changed and now require even more information.

We have been offering all of our clients support with their CQC Applications since 2016. This service is still free for all clients either buying, selling or financing through Dental Elite.

The cost for this service is from £850 + VAT – however please contact the CQC team for a personalised quote.

Interested?  Please complete the CQC Team on the below form and we will come back to you asap!

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