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No matter if you’re buying your first or tenth practice, we can help. Let us make the whole finance process as simple as possible. We’ll assist you with ensuring your purchase is financially sustainable. Taking your personal circumstances into account, we’ll do our utmost to secure you the best possible deal on the market.

What is even better is that in 76% of cases our services comes at no extra cost whatsoever. Furthermore, if you are buying a practice outside of Dental Elite you will still benefit from our CQC service.

“My situation was slightly different, but I found Julie Randle to be extremely professional, helpful and sympathetic to my circumstances. Helen Craine and Lottie McBean were also efficient and effective at progressing the sale forward, as well as keeping me informed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dental Elite’s services for their efficiency, empathy, competency and professionalism.”
Alison Brokenshire
“My experience using the service has been exceptional. I would rate the service 5 out of 5 Ted Johnston was the person dealing with the sale. He was committed, supportive and gave, what I felt was 150% to get the practice sold. I cannot speak too highly of him. I would definitely use the service again and most definitely recommend others to use Dental Elite.”
Dawn Pickering
“We were very happy with the service received from Dental Elite. I would rate the service we received as a 5 out of 5. Everyone I dealt with over the long process from start to finish was very helpful and friendly. Because it was a long process, we had several people helping us at various stages, all were fantastic. Without a doubt, I would use Dental Elite’s services again.”
Jacqui Setters
"From the very start Dental Elite was nothing but professional, friendly and efficient. Lottie, Nick, and the rest of the team have helped and supported us every single step of the way. Our sale proved to be challenging, however, we could always rely on the whole team to get us past the finish line. Thank you Dental Elite. You have been amazing!"
Lenka Wong
“I worked with Phil Kolodynski, and it was a superb experience. I accepted the offer as the terms were fair and the buyer plans for future growth. I chose Dental Elite over other agencies because they offered me good advice, were on-hand at every step of the way and helped me gain the best price for the sale. There was also no pressure to sell. It was a smooth, stress-free transaction!”
Luke Thorley

The difference when buying through Dental Elite

  • Upon registration you will be allocated a Buyer Account Manager to work with throughout your practice search. Your account manager takes responsibility for ensuring you do-not miss a practice and will be allocated depending on your acquisition aspirations.
  • All of our consultants take responsibility for both their valuations and the successful sale of their practices so you will always be able to speak to someone who conducted the practice valuation to explain their methodology.
  • When buying through Dental Elite you do-not pay any membership fees whatsoever; we do-not charge for emails, SMS notification or WhatsApp Notifications, we do-not charge a fee for registering as an open market buyer.
  • We offer all buyers the option to register as an Elite Buyer, whereby the buyer pays the sellers agency fee. Often sellers we instruct we speak with Elite Buyers only which means you will have access to a larger pool of dental practices for sale.
  • We support all of our Buyers and Vendors through the DDQ and CQC Application processes if they want us to. Both of these processes can significantly delay the sale so we takeover some of this process in order to expedite the timeline as much as possible.
  • Our Sales Progression team will be in contact on a regular basis (daily if required) to ensure you know exactly where your transaction is and what is holding it up so you are never left wondering.

Buying a dental practice is a huge commitment, so if you are looking to become a principal, there are a few things you will need to consider and strive for.

  • Build a stable career.
  • Ensure your personal expenditure doesn’t massively impact your affordability.
  • Get expert advice and support.
  • Decide between a leasehold or freehold purchase.
  • Tailor the place search to your experience to ensure you secure funding.
  • Design a business plan.
  • Get the structure of the business right.
  • Secure financing.
  • Start the CQC process and apply for your DBS as soon as you have agreed Heads of Terms with the vendor.
  • Due diligence.

Read more about our top tips for buying a dental practice.

There is no perfect answer to this question, and resembles a “how long is a piece of string” answer. Ultimately a business is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it and as a valuer we base our valuations on comparable data of other completed and agreed transactions which best resemble a practice in question. When evaluating an opportunity you need to consider a number of things but probably the two most important are the underlying profitability you would inherit and the business’ potential. If you want further advice we do offer a strategic buyer valuation service which would give you a stronger insight.

A freehold property purchase means that it is owned outright and as such owners don’t have to pay ground rent, service charges and any other landlord costs. This makes it a lot more ‘final’ than a leasehold and it can tie up money and debt capacity. On the other hand, a leasehold means you only own the property and the land for a stipulated amount of time making it more appropriate for those who want to invest money into the business rather than the property itself. Find out more.

Considerations when buying and selling a dental practice

Dental practice sales transactions are more complicated today than ever before. There have been many changes since the start of the 2006 NHS contract including the creation of the Care Quality Commission, Information Governance and restructuring of NHS England, setting light to the dental practices for sale market. The option to trade as a Limited Company has encouraged multiple practice ownership and fuelled goodwill values nationwide.

However, the process of selling dental practices is now significantly more difficult with due diligence taking longer due to complex variables when selling or buying a practice. As a result, dental practice transactions can now take far longer than ever before. But with the right advisers working with you this doesn’t have to be such a long process. At Dental Elite, we deliver a service that manages the process efficiently and works towards a number of milestones in a transaction that get you the result you want.

Every year there is something new in Dental Practice Acquisition from the current impact of the poor availability of Associate Dentists to the re-tendering of Orthodontic Contracts. We believe that only the most active agents, like us, who are invested in the profession by attending regular seminars and trade shows have a real measure of exactly what is changing in the market and are placed to adapt valuations and sales strategies accordingly. For advice, give our experts a call on 01788 545900.

Financial Support

We are one of the most active finance brokers for dentists in the UK. See how we can help you today…

  • Paul is a co-founder of Dental Elite which he co-founded with Luke Moore in 2010. Prior to this Paul worked in the same industry providing similar services and felt that the market required a different approach. Paul’s background, apart from brokerage and recruitment services,  is on the strategic side of business.

    Paul Wilkinson
  • Luke co-founded Dental Elite in Spring 2010 having worked in a senior role for another agency. Having read Accounting & Finance at University; Luke couples this background with nearly fifteen years in the dental sector and experience of fast-paced high street recruitment.

    Luke Moore
  • Sue was one of Dental Elite’s first employees and continues to be a pivotal part of the team. Sue now heads our Commercial team, ensuring that any practice we act for successfully progresses to completion as smoothly and as promptly as possible.

    Sue Humphrey
    Commercial Director
  • Ted joined Dental Elite in 2018 and has since become an integral part of the Practice Sales Team. He is responsible for overseeing all practice sales in Scotland and Ireland.

    Ted Johnston
    Practice Consultant for Scotland & Ireland
  • Julie joined the team in 2019. She has an extensive background in Practice Management and has a depth of knowledge of the inner workings of a Dental Practice. Combined with running large practices and her financial acumen Julie has the perfect transferable skills for a Dental Broker at Dental Elite.

    Julie Randle
    Senior Practice Consultant
  • Nick joined Dental Elite in September 2020 as Senior practice valuer.  Nick’s background prior to Dental Elite was in Mergers, Acquisitions and Portfolio Manager for a Worldwide Dental Corporate assisting the group to grow from 44 to circa 465 sites at the time he left. With an extensive background of 18 years in the healthcare and dental sector, holding positions ranging from area and regional manager to operations and sales, Nick has become an integral part of the practice sales team.

    Nick Moore
    Senior Practice Consultant
  • Laura’s journey with Dental Elite began in the spring of 2016. Her dedication and commitment have propelled her through the ranks, and she currently holds a pivotal role within the Sales Progression Team, having achieved a well-deserved promotion to Senior Buyer Account Manager in September 2023. Before her tenure with Dental Elite, Laura demonstrated her exceptional organizational skills by coordinating various charitable events, including several notable London to Paris cycle rides.

    Laura Dewes
    Senior Buyer Account Manager
  • Naz joined the sale progression team in September 2021. Since then he has thrown himself into the role of Buyer Account Manager, ensuring our buyers experience a smooth buying journey. He previously worked for three years in residential sales, dealing with buyers, sellers, and solicitors to ensure successful transactions.

    Naz Devshi
    Buyer Account Manager
  • Tommy joined Dental Elite in January 2023 and is a member of our Finance team. Tommy joined us from a background of account management and business development within the industrial sector. Tommy loves to work closely with clients and to help them cultivate their own successful practice that will establish them for years to come.

    Tommy Glasscoe
    Finance Broker
  • Luke rejoined the team in February 2024 as our experienced Locum Controller, after a few years away. With tailored recruitment solutions and a commitment to excellence, Luke delivers exceptional results for candidates and clients in the UK dental industry. Trust Luke to provide personalized support throughout the recruitment process.

    Luke Arnold
    Locum Controller
  • Toni Robison is a dedicated and dynamic professional who brings a wealth of expertise to the Dental Elite team. Joining the organization in September 2023 as a Recruitment Consultant, Toni’s mission is to connect talented dental professionals with their dream career opportunities.

    Toni Robison
    Recruitment Consultant
  • Mark joined Dental Elite in June 2024 as a Recruitment Resourcer. In this role, he identifies and attracts top talent, connecting them with our clients to meet their needs. Mark’s efforts are essential to our growth and success, as he ensures we secure the best candidates in the industry.

    Mark Rushton
    Recruitment Resourcer
  • Jessica Gwynn joined Dental Elite in April 2023 as a talented graphic designer. With her exceptional creativity and dedication, she swiftly ascended to the role of Creative Marketing Manager, leading our dynamic marketing team. Jessica brings a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to every project, ensuring Dental Elite remains at the forefront of the industry.

    Jess Gwynn
    Creative Marketing Manager
  • Jodie Newell, our esteemed Financial Controller at Dental Elite, brought her wealth of financial expertise to the team when she joined us in July 2022. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, Jodie oversees all aspects of our financial operations, ensuring accuracy and compliance at every turn. Her strategic guidance and astute financial management play a pivotal role in driving Dental Elite’s success and growth.

    Jodie Newell
    Financial Controller
  • Mandy Noble joined Dental Elite in March 2023, bringing her dedication and proficiency to the role of Finance Assistant. Working closely alongside Jodie, she plays a vital part in maintaining the smooth operation of our financial processes. Mandy’s attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensure that our financial operations run efficiently and accurately.

    Mandy Noble
    Finance Assistant