With your needs in mind; Patel Partnership

With your needs in mind

 Two dentists recently partnered to purchase Biggin Hill Dental Practice and were impressed with the quality of service they received from dental Elite throughout the process.

“We found Leah, my consultant from Dental Elite, to be a very understanding, co-operative person from the very start of contact, when we were contemplating acquisition of a practice,” they say.

“We were looking for a mixed practice but had only found either NHS or private ones; Leah then emailed the details of Biggin Hill Practice and, within only a couple of weeks, a deal was agreed.

“Whenever we needed to get in touch, Leah always got back to us within a day, which helped. In fact, she was instrumental in taking into account our needs, especially the distance and the NHS contract, as well as the continuance of the services of the vendor and the operational staff. She helped a lot with the legal tasks too, particularly when advising the solicitors about the arrangements of a special transaction.”

If you are considering the sale of your practice, are creating an exit strategy, or looking to acquire a new business, find out what Dental Elite could do for you today.