Turbocharge Your Turnover Using Your Website

Website optimisation can be a cost effective and easily integrated marketing strategy for a dental practice to pursue. Practice owners need to spend time dedicated to the clinical aspects of a dental surgery, and this is where their expertise lie. However, this can result in the business side of the practice being neglected having detrimental effects on the revenue flow, so owners need to identify tactics that have maximum impact with minimal disruption on the care of their patients.

 The internet has transformed the way in which businesses can communicate to both their current and potential patients. It is another channel that can be utilised to target specific groups with a tailored message that will resonate with their needs. Most UK dental practices have a website, even if it is not fully optimised, and there are a number of routes that a new patient can take to find it. The majority probably start from a well-known search engine and if a website has been designed effectively, it should have a high enough organic ranking to be featured in the first few search results.

 However, many websites have to work proactively to acquire a prime position. One method is to pay for advertising. The advertisement needs to be carefully considered to ensure its effectiveness: concise, informative and intriguing. However, this does not guarantee a new patient, with the average conversion rate currently presenting at only 2.5%.  An important tip to increase sales conversion is to ensure that the landing page from the advertisement supports the message. If the landing page does not give the information that the patient requires at first glance, then the viewer is unlikely to spend any more time on that website. Also, it’s important that the potential new patient can easily make contact with the practice through simple forms of visual contact details. Even if the potential new patient does not convert following initial contact, this data can then be used to communicate with the ‘hot lead’ in the future.

 With over a hundred years’ of experience across the team, Dental Elite can offer your practice a ‘Health Check’ and practical advice on how to achieve your objectives. Dental Elite will work with you to ensure the practice is optimising its revenue stream with view to maximising the valuation for when you come to sell. The Dental Elite directors have experience in marketing and Search Engine Optimisation and so these activities are at the core of the service offered.

Web site optimisation can be a powerful marketing tool to drive new patients to your practice, maximise their investment once there and increase the practice’s revenue stream. With just a few simple tactics applied online, the practice’s potential reach to new patients is enhanced with minimal disruption to clinical care.