Testimonial Request

    Which Consultant in Dental Elite Did You Work With?Were They in Regular ContactWhat Was Your Biggest Fear Prior to Marketing the Practice for Sale?How did you prepare for your viewings?How did you find the bidding process?Did You Have Any Confidentiality Breaches?How Did Your Completion Price Compare to Your Original Valuation?What Made You Choose the Offer You Accepted?How quickly did you accept an offer?Have You Stayed On in the Practice?Was This Your Choice?On Reflection, What was the most challenging time in your sale?What advice would you give to future sellers?What the Biggest Challenge in Getting Your Practice Sold?How Did You Find the Agent Buffer Between Solicitors, Buyer & Seller?Why did you choose Dental Elite over others?How long did the whole process take?Why did it take this long? What delays were there?Do you think these could have been avoided?Had you sold another before? How did this time compare?How far in advance of marketing did you have a valuation?How Did You Find the Due Diligence Process?How was the CQC changeover process?When did you tell the staff?