Q & A with Margaret Thomas

Which consultant in Dental Elite did you work with?

“For the duration of my sale I worked with Alastair Boothroyd, who was very good.”

Was he in regular contact?
“Very much so. He was also cool, calm and collected at all times, which proved to be extremely useful when it came to dealing with unexpected delays as a result of developments on the buyer’s side. Always available and very good at letting me know if he was going on holiday, Alastair’s communication skills and dedication to providing a personalised service proved invaluable to the transaction.”

What was your biggest fear prior to marketing the practice for sale?
“Beforehand I didn’t have any fears or concerns, it was only really during the sale that I felt a bit apprehensive, and even then it was only because I was anxious to complete.”

Have you stayed on in the practice?
“Yes; for now I will work part-time to finish as many orthodontic cases as possible but eventually it is my intention to stop working at the practice altogether.”

On reflection, what was the most challenging time in your sale?
“Ultimately, it was just the fact that the sale dragged on for so long. It wasn’t Alastair’s fault though; it was the buyer’s solicitors. Not only did they ask the same questions repeatedly, but they also didn’t complete some of the paperwork as expected, which meant my solicitor ended up doing some of it for them.”

What advice would you give to future sellers?
“My advice? Stand firm and don’t be intimidated by those who may try to get you to reduce the market price.”

Why did you choose Dental Elite over other agencies?
“Initially, I had employed the services of another agency, but unfortunately I didn’t feel that they were marketing my practice properly. For instance, if you typed the name or the speciality into the website search bar, nothing would come up. Consequently, I contacted Dental Elite, who had been recommended to me by my lawyer, Russell Abrahams of Abrahams Dresden LLP.”

How long did the process take?
“From accepting the winning bid to completion, the process took approximately 11 months, though if you include the valuation and marketing, it was just over a year. Because of the delays the process took much longer than it should have done, though I must give credit to Alastair as he did everything he could have possibly done to hasten the sale.”

When did you tell your staff?
“Having been there for 20 years and worked alongside two members of staff for 18 and 17 years respectively, it was only right that I told the team straightaway about selling the practice. Plus, I’ve always encouraged an open environment, so I made sure that they were kept up to date as the sale developed.”

Would you recommend Dental Elite?
“Thorough, helpful and consistently professional, Alastair is an asset to the company. As such, I highly recommend Dental Elite to other buyers. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and as a result I have reached completion completely satisfied with the outcome.”

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