Press Release: New CQC Support Service

Helping you help the dental community

Practice valuers and finance experts at Dental Elite are now offering new online CQC Application Support, so you never have to worry about filling in difficult CQC applications again.

This service is now available for purchase to anyone – not just for those with transactions being financed or sold by Dental Elite – and what’s better, after a small administration fee, all proceeds will be generously donated to one of the participating dental charities, including Bridge2Aid and the BDA Benevolent Fund. For current clients, this service is completely free but Dental Elite will still make a donation of £150 to the client’s dental charity of choice.

With a team that is proud to have over a hundred years of experience in the dental sector, Dental Elite is in an ideal position to help professionals in all aspects of selling their practice. By partnering with a number of different charities, they can make sure this help is extended to the entire dental community.