Philip Price on Practice Sales: Private Dentistry

As Philip Price, a recent vendor reflects, selling a practice can be a stressful experience. He said: ‘In some ways, there were parts of the process that felt more difficult than others. It was time more than anything that proved to be a challenge. In part this was because the lawyers were demanding about every detail and that caused everything to take a long time to go through.

‘On top of this, there were constant delays from the other side because of the amount of due diligence they wanted and the amount of time they took to process all the information that we sent them. All in all, it was a protracted and tiring process that took 30 months to complete. ‘I would advise others to use an agency and find a good lawyer; you need a good team behind you. There’s no way I would have got through the process and achieved a satisfactory sale without the help of Dental Elite’.

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Originally Published in Private Dentistry in July 2016