Terms and Conditions of the draw

  • The draw will be done on the last working day of the month
  • The draw will be for locums who have worked for Dental Elite the month prior – e.g. January’s draw will be for locums who have worked in December
  • The number of tickets with the locum’s lucky number on entered into the draw will correspond with the number of shifts the locum has worked – e.g. if the locum has worked 10 shifts, there will be 10 tickets with their lucky number on in the draw
  • A lucky number will be allocated to the locum and will be sent to them via SMS on the morning of the draw – a number rather than the locum’s name will be used for confidentiality reasons
  • If your number is pulled out, you will receive a call from Dental Elite on the day of the draw or the next working day to confirm your win and to confirm the best email address for Dental Elite to send your Amazon voucher to
  • The locum will have 7 days in which to redeem their Amazon voucher from Dental Elite
  • The Amazon voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another voucher/cash
  • The video of the draw will be posted to Dental Elite’s Youtube channel for you to view, and the link to this will be provided on text message as soon as the draw is complete
  • If Dental Elite have multiple Amazon vouchers to give away, one locum could win multiple prizes – this is because the number of tickets is equal to the shifts worked and so there may be multiple tickets in the draw for one locum