Valuations are free and non-committal. We work with a variety of vendors from selling immediately to a five or ten year plan. Our aim is to work with vendors and plan the right time to market.

What do valuations include?

dental practice valuation

Market Valuation with Detailed Valuation Methodology

dental practice valuation

Detailed Advice on Preparing for Sale

Differences Explained Between Principle-Led & Associate-Led Valuations

Exit Planning and an Indication of Likely Post-Sale Commitments

A free dental practice valuation is a thorough, completely free and does not need any commitment to use our services. If you have interest in your practice from associates or corporates, we can give you a no strings attached free practice valuation to help you.

Why get a practice valuation?

To be bold about this, you would surprised at how many dental practice transactions don’t ever pass the finishing post with the failure rate for transactions without an agent being significantly higher. Therefore if the worst does happen and your deal doesn’t go through, we hope you will remember us and come back to us.

We have found that direct approaches or offers without a full valuation are almost always substantially less in sale price. In our recent experience we’ve found that a sale was about to occur with a corporate for £1.9m. After we got involved, the terms were a lot more free and fair and the final price was around £2.7m. Another notable case is a cluster of practices who actually committed to a sale with a value less than half of their worth. Luckily both of these sales had us managing the sale. We were then paid a fee and both instances involved the practice owner dramatically better off.

Regardless of whether you have a buyer in mind or not, Dental Elite are the answer to getting you the most out of selling your practice. Our professional experience means we are sure to have encountered many similar situations to yours already, knowing just what to do in each situation. Valuations are constantly changing, so we recommend having frequent valuations as things change – even if your last one was as recent as 6 months ago. We’ll be completely transparent, clear, logical and helpful in guiding you through this process.

Why choose us?

This may sound silly, but the market is always changing and we are always updating valuations. Infact the market is so fast-paced now that even if we valued your practice three months ago, we re-verify the valuation prior to putting you on the market and we can only do this because we don’t keep our biggest practices for the corporates and we always try and encourage vendors to ‘test the whole market’ with their practice to ensure the best value is achieved. It is only a busy agent that can truly keep apace of the market fluctuations and as one of the two biggest agents in the country we are confident we secure practice owners the best deals in the market.

The difference between us and the other big agent is that we believe in open-bidding, almost auction-like without the gable. This way, we know we have pushed every practice to it’s absolute maximum rather than have them bid-blind in a ‘best and final’ method. A lot of buyers have said afterwards they would have paid another £10,000 to secure their practice, so we say why not ask them?

If you are considering selling your practice, whether it is in the near future, or in a few years’ time, and would like to arrange for one of our consultants to visit you and discuss the best way forward, please do contact us on 01788 545900 or email us at info@dentalelite.co.uk.