Five Things You Need To Know To Secure Your Dream Role

Looking for a role in dentistry, be it a first permanent position or a new professional endeavour, is always slightly nerve-wracking. Wondering if you can secure the right spot at a practice that suits you, whether your CV is up to scratch, and how you compare to unseen competitors are constant worries.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are five ways you can make the job hunt a little more manageable and be sure to put yourself ahead of other applicants.

  1. Check every detail on your CV

Updating your CV will always be the first port of call before applying to a position. Up to date experience, available references and your educational background are obvious items to include. However, other details around your availability may be eye-catching to recruiters.

Mention that you have the right indemnity insurance, immunisations, and no outstanding restrictions on taking on a new role. You may also want to provide your availability and notice period. A practice looking for a fast hire would appreciate it.

Whilst you don’t need to write down your road name, include where you currently live and a mile radius you could commute in, and decide if you’re willing to potentially relocate. Considering this with family and friends relieves you of difficult decisions during the interview process, and could widen the options available to you.

  1. Don’t be scared by experience

It’s important to consider the current market for jobs in dentistry. The General Dental Council reported there were 44,268 registered dentists and 74,720 dental care professionals in their January 2024 report, up slightly on the same time last year. However, there is a well-known demand for dentists at current, especially those providing NHS care.

If you’re early on in your career, and you feel confident in your abilities, consider sending your CV to practices that are looking for 2-3+ years of experience. At worst you’ll be turned away and you can move onto another application – at best you’ll be invited to an interview that you wouldn’t have otherwise secured. You must feel confident that you could fulfil the role’s demands, but you may find some practices are willing to negotiate some job requirements considering the current market demand.

  1. Look around long before you need to

If you know you’re considering a new role and when you’ll need to make the shift, start looking early. This especially applies to foundation dentists who know they will be looking for a permanent position come the end of summer.

Applying to roles months in advance will not only give you an idea of how your CV is thought of by hiring managers, but also gives you the chance to tie up a dream role with time to spare, before the most rewarding positions are occupied.

Some practices will be willing to keep the space on their practice team open for an extended period of time, if they know it will be filled by their ideal candidate in the end.

  1. Consult your contact book

Throughout your years training or practising in dentistry, it’s likely that you will know a network of likeminded professionals whom you have formed positive relationships with. Some may even be close friends and family who are also in the profession.

Use these contacts when searching for roles to see if they know of any open positions in the area, or if they have worked with the clinicians at a prospective new practice. Their insights may help you tailor your approach to an interview, or better inform your judgement before deciding to take on a position.

  1. Know where to look

To land your dream role, you need to know exactly what is available around you, and ensure your CV gets seen. Some practices will advertise for a position on social media, but they may be inundated with applications and miss yours entirely, and you’ll need to closely keep track of their posts to meet every deadline.

Applying through a practice website is good, but regularly checking so many pages can also be time consuming, with little reward.

For dental professionals looking for their new role, consider working with a specialist recruitment agency like Dental Elite. They source candidates and hire for jobs in dentistry for professionals with a wide variety of experiences, advertising them in one simple to find place. The roles cover private, NHS and mixed practices, with a variety of temporary, permanent and locum positions available, so you can be guaranteed to find something for you. With years of experience in dental recruitment, you can rely on Dental Elite to connect you with your perfect role.

Finding the next position in your dental career can be slightly less stressful with the right support behind you. Plus, with a well-crafted CV in tow, and applications sent in early, you can be assured to make 2024 an important year of change.

For more information on Dental Elite visit www.dentalelite.co.uk, email info@dentalelite.co.uk or call 01788 545 900