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“I first became acquainted with Luke Moore from Dental Elite when I saw him lecture at a BDA conference three years prior to selling my practice,” says Colin Brodie, a recent vendor.

“Having valuated my practice three years in a row for free, I decided to utilise their services when I finally decided to sell.

“In total, the sale only took two and a half to three months to complete – it was very quick. Although in part this was due to good organisation, the main factor was that the practice was incorporated in 2006, which meant there were no restrictions in my contract about who I could sell to and I was able to do a straight transfer of shares.”

What guidance does Colin have for future vendors?

“My best piece of advice to future vendors would be to enter your sale with a strategy and an idea of how you would like to approach the transaction. That way you can make sure that you utilise the right team that can help you to achieve your aims.”

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