As long as there are employees like Luke Arnold, I will never leave!

Hina Sharma  discusses her experience with Dental Elite. My relationship with Dental Elite has been in existence since I started working as a Business Manager in the dentistry sector in 2011.

There are numerous reasons behind the longevity of my working relationship with Dental Elite, but ultimately, the personalisation and attention to individual needs is what makes the service stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Indeed, one of the many attractions of Dental Elite is its single point of contact service. In general, I have found the team to always be dedicated and hardworking. My representative, Luke Arnold, has always stood testament to what Dental Elite represent, and I firmly believe that he is an asset to the company.

Luke and the rest of the team have always been very helpful and easily available in answering any queries or issues. As my representative, Luke has never failed to respond to me and has always gone out of his way to assist me as best as he can – knowing that there has always been someone there to help me when I have been stuck has been greatly reassuring.

I can safely say, that since my first meeting, my relationship with Dental Elite has gone from strength to strength. I believe that it has a good presence in the market and on the web (indeed, that is how we first became acquainted) and as a result Dental Elite is both respected and highly recognised.

It is because of the quality of the company and its employees, as well as the person-centred approach, that when anybody asks me I always recommend Dental Elite. As long as there are employees like Luke Arnold, I will never leave.

Ultimately, I feel that the quality of the service speaks for itself; Dental Elite is well known, and it’s all down to the team’s hard work. What’s more, Dental Elite has a strong presence and is good at what it does.

If you are considering selling, Dental Elite offers a free valuation service with no obligations. For expertise and support you can rely on, give Dental Elite a call today.

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