Contract Change Guidance

Are you working for a corporate but looking to make the move to an independent dental practice? If so, there are a few barriers that need to be taken into consideration!

With their up-to-date knowledge of the current market and national network of contacts, the Dental Elite recruitment team can help you overcome any speed bumps that stand in the way of you and your desired role – including guidance on contracts and notice periods.

The leading agency can also advise you on the benefits of working for both a corporate and independent, and assist you in discovering which one is best suited to your talents and career aspirations.

Experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to offering a tailored, personalised service that suits your needs, Dental Elite will always strive to not only get you the best position, but to also negotiate the best contract outcome possible.

Thus, if you are looking for a change, you can rest assured that Dental Elite will help you make the move of a lifetime.

To find out more on Dental Elite, contact the team today.

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