Attract the ideal candidates: The Dentist

Attract the most ideal candidates

Finding the right candidate to join your team is not a straightforward endeavour. Not only does the individual need to be appropriately skilled, but they must fit well with your team, your patients and share the overall ethos of your business.

At the moment, recruitment in the dental sector is challenging – many professionals have chosen to leave the profession or alter their working hours. This has left a rather large gap in the market, with businesses struggling to recruit. Those on the look-out for a new job opportunity find themselves with plenty of choice, which means if you are seeking a new candidate to join your team, you need to make sure the position you are offering stands out from the crowd.

Here are a few things to consider when advertising for a new member of your team.

Make sure the pay is right for the job

Benefit packages are always appreciated by staff, but it is important to consider that if a competing practice in the area is offering a higher salary, your prospective candidate is likely to pursue a career there. When you can offer a competitive salary, alongside additional career perks, you are more likely to retain your team and boost satisfaction. This has a knock-on effect for your patients, too, as a motivated and engaged team are going to deliver high standards of patient care.

Does the job advert stand out?

Alongside demonstrating why your business is a great place to work and a competitive salary, how can you differentiate the role from others on the market? For example, do you offer training opportunities, indicating that they can develop their career with you? If you have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and materials, or even recently refurbished the practice, this is worth shouting about. Even information like schools in the area or the availability of public transport might be of interest and make your dental practice stand out.

Plus, what are you like as a team? Do you have regular social events? All businesses will say that the team are ‘fun’ and ‘dynamic’, but give a few examples and inject some personality into your advert. You do not have to be overly casual, but you can convey your business’s personality while still being professional.

Selling yourself as an employer

To expand on the aforementioned point, while prospective employees must make a good impression in order to convey their personality and competence, it is just as important that you and your team make a good impression, too. Every practice will have a different atmosphere and way of working – it is crucial to demonstrate to prospective employees why your business is a great place to work: what are your values? What is the working environment like? If a candidate sees your dental practice is a diverse, interesting and engaging place to work, they will be more inclined to view your business as the next step of their career.

Speed up the interview process

In the current dental market, it is key to keep things rolling in order to avoid losing potential candidates to competitors. The hiring process should be comprehensive enough to help you establish whether the candidate and your business are a good fit – moving too quickly may cause you to hire the wrong individual. However, a laborious hiring process may cause job seekers to simply lose interest. It is certainly a tricky balancing act.

From the outset, you want to attract the right kind of professional. So, your job description must be unambiguous – you must know exactly what your business needs from the new hire and set this out clearly in the advertisement. How many interviews do you feel are necessary? Is there any way that you can streamline this process, avoiding lengthy waits in-between? If you feel that one particular candidate would be an asset to your team, make an offer! It is not unusual that they are already interviewing with other businesses, or have even received several offers already –  delaying the offer might mean that they accept another.

Streamlining recruitment

Recruiting new members of the team can be time consuming – you must put together the job advert, sift through CVs and then conduct various interview stages. To make this process as hassle-free as possible, why not let the Dental Elite team help? They specialise in sourcing professionals from across the dental sector, helping dental practices fill their vacancies with the most well-suited candidates. The team will help arrange interviews, manage offers and you will also be allocated an account manager. With decades’ worth of experience in the dental field, you can rely on Dental Elite to help you streamline and simplify the recruitment process.

It is safe to say that recruiting new members of the team has never been so challenging in dentistry as it is right now. But a solid team is the most valuable asset to a business – when you establish the right approach, you can attract candidates who will contribute to the success of your dental practice.