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Why practice sales are like snowflakes

It is often said that all snowflakes are unique, but in reality, they can only form around 35 different shapes, scientists say. It is a similar story in dental practice sales. Brokers often talk about each sale as being unique – and in many ways, that is true as far as experiences and timelines go – yet there are also a lot of similarities between each transaction, just as there is with snowflakes.

Indeed, each sale might have its differences, but there are some key milestones that must take place along the way regardless of the deal or practice type, such as heads of terms negotiations, due diligence, the CQC application process and so on. There are a number of preparations that must take place before going to market that are necessary in order for the sale to progress successfully. It is for this reason that vendors should always enlist the services of an expert broker with specialist experience and knowledge of the dental sector. Only with the right support can a seller be sure to achieve the optimal outcome and tick all the boxes along the way.

Choosing a specialist broker

With many years of collective experience across the team, Dental Elite is both well placed to see and sense what others cannot and has extraordinary powers of perception that makes it one of the most determined and capable agencies in dentistry. The perfect ally for any vendor looking to navigate their way through their transaction successfully with as little stress as possible.

“Having the support of Dental Elite meant that I had little to do with the buyer and their team, as my representatives arranged everything for me,” reflected previous vendor, Henry Fardell after he sold his practice in Wool, Dorset through Dental Elite. “That took pressure off of me and allowed me to take care of other matters.” Like those that sold their practices before him with the help of the leading UK agency, Henry found that specialist help from an experienced dental broker can make an enormous difference to a dental practice sale.

Help where you need it the most

One of the biggest selling points of Dental Elite is that the agency works tirelessly to ensure that its clients find the right buyer. Currently, there are over 5,500 interested professionals from all over the country registered on its database, with more signing up every day; 3,800 of which are classed as engaged buyers. To engage with buyers and optimise its reach, Dental Elite uses a variety of techniques to significant effect, including email, marketing, phone, exhibitions, seminars and online advertising through sites such as the BDJ website. It’s why Dental Elite is ranked as number one on a Google Organic Search for buyers.

Of course, it’s not just about finding a suitable buyer. When a vendor employs Dental Elite, they can rely on the team 100% to assist them on all aspects of the sale from beginning to end. This includes negotiating the commercial minutiae, completing the CQC application for both parties and ensuring the buyer is prepared for their interview, assisting with the due diligence documentation and inventory, and more. The list of areas in which Dental Elite will assist vendors with their transaction is never-ending.

To ensure best results, Dental Elite offers a single point of contact who bears ultimate responsibility for the sale and is the person you meet at the beginning of the valuation process; albeit they are heavily support by the wider sales progression team to ensure the field nature of their role doesn’t hamper the service provided. From the initial meeting right through until the point of exchange, a seller can rest assured that they’re receiving all the necessary support, guidance and personalised advice needed to achieve their desired outcome. With the additional benefit of a transparent fee structure, it’s easy to see how Dental Elite has sold practices to a collective value of over £120,000,000 over the last fiscal year.

For a free, no-strings attached valuation complete with a comprehensive report on how the practice has been calculated, how best to approach your exit strategy and how to grow your practice value, contact Dental Elite today. Whether you’re looking to sell your practice now or in five years’ time, it’s always a good time to get in touch with the team to find out how they could help you.

For more information on Dental Elite visit dentalelite.co.uk, email info@dentalelite.co.uk or call 01788 545 900