The benefits of locum work

The benefits of locum work

Locum dental work can provide an ideal option to many dental professionals at varying stages of their careers. Whether looking for enhanced job flexibility, to gain further experience in a new location or simply wishing to take on a few extra shifts, locum work can bring substantial benefits to individuals. At Dental Elite we even offer a rewards scheme that you can find out about at the bottom of this article.

Many different people are suited to locum work, including those between permanent positions, those in part-time employment, or those who decide to undertake postgraduate training and wish to work around their studies. It is a great way to experience different methods of working and could open doors to future positions. Individuals can earn while they boost their CVs, especially if they want to develop their career in a certain direction and are looking for some more hands-on experience in that area. Plus there is a unique opportunity to transmit innovation between practices and pick up tips as to what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, individuals can gain a really good understanding of whether a practice would be a suitable place for them to work long-term before committing to a permanent position.

Places are frequently available in the NHS, ministry of defence, private sector and HM Prison Service, which gives individuals the chance to expand their skills and experience different environments. With support along the way, locums sometimes have the option to stay within a setting that they are familiar with, or try out a new avenue. One example of such variation available is community locum work. Individuals taking on this role could find themselves working on a tooth bus, providing local oral advice and help to members of the public. Although there is limited dental work involved, locums will be paid to offer check-ups, advice and referrals to local NHS practices. Having the opportunity to spend time chatting to people is often a far cry from the busy and hectic working life of many practices.

Alternatively, individuals might enjoy the fast paced practice life and may just want an opportunity to make the most amount of money possible in a day, week or month. Therefore, NHS emergency cover could be the best option. The shifts often run from 8am to 8pm, giving associates the chance to earn a fixed daily rate of £500 to £600. Treatment covers just the emergency walk-ins and further benefits can be gained by working weekends. In general, there is not much difference money wise between being permanently employed or in locum work. However, faster regular payments are more likely as there is no need to wait for UDAs to be submitted and processed by the Local Area Team (LAT) in order to calculate wage, which is the case with full-time dentists.

The main undisputed benefit of locum work is flexibility. Dental professionals in this line of employment have more control over where and when they book shifts and the hours they want to work. They have the freedom to go on holiday when they want for as long as they want, as well as having the chance to increase the hours they work if they require extra money. This flexibility can be a great way to enjoy a healthy work/life balance, especially if individuals have other commitments, such as a young family, are studying for exams or have a second part-time job.

There is also flexibility in the location of work and locums can pick and choose positions to suit them, for example, working within a certain distance of their home or travelling to new and exciting places. This flexibility is again great for fitting in around other commitments and can also increase job satisfaction. With regards to money and location, those taking on work in a more rural setting are often better off than locums employed in one of the major cities like London, Manchester or Birmingham. There are substantial benefits when in less central locations as travel expenses and hotel bills are paid for, plus locums can expect to receive up to £500 set day rate with no targets. They will also be able to be more flexible with their working hours, starting later or finishing later as they wish.

One of the drawbacks is that locum work contracts are of course generally short-term, so clinicians constantly need to stay abreast of new vacancies in order to secure their next position. But, by working alongside a specialist agency, such as Dental Elite, individuals can benefit from the added security and peace of mind that experienced professionals are constantly searching for that next role on their behalf.

Whether you are looking for more flexible working hours, enhanced job satisfaction or an opportunity to gain valuable experience, locum dental work could be for you. There are many advantages to working in this way and with professional advice and support simplifying the process, you can enjoy the many benefits.

At Dental Elite we offer the full package. We’re proven at maintaining top quality service and relationships. Not only that but we offer a points reward scheme for our locum dentists. For example, if you worked a 5 day week for our clients you’d earn an extra £10 that you can claim as gift vouchers!


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