A Guide to Swerving Everything That Can Go Wrong in a Practice Sale: Webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar discussing everything that can go wrong in a practice sale and how to avoid it.

During this 1 hour webinar, Luke Moore and Paul Wilkinson, the founders of one of the busiest practice sale agencies in the UK, discuss their observations from being involved in over 120 practice completions a year and the many trapdoors they encounter along way and how best to swerve them.

The webinar will focus on the following 4 Sections:

Section 1: The Pre-Sale Piece: Everything you can do before going to market and why it’s so important.

Section 2: The Marketing Piece: How not to put the buyers and sellers off!

Section 3: The Transaction Piece: The pre-contract pitfalls.

Section 4: The Post-Completion Piece: Avoiding post-sale fall outs!