Support Through a Challenging Time

A dentist reflects on his experience of buying a dental practice with the support of Dental Elite:

“When I started working with Dental Elite, I did not know what to expect, but I was very surprised with how helpful and effective the team always were. I was in regular communication with, Bailey Rowles, who was contactable whenever I had a question.

“The CQC interview to register as a manager was the most challenging aspect of the acquisition for me. Dental Elite supported me by providing lots of information and guidance about the process and the topics I had to prepare for the interview.

“The actual process seemed to take quite a long time. We had to deal with many issues and had several delays due to different reasons. I think in total it took approximately 6 months to sort everything out.

“Despite these delays, I cannot think of anything that Dental Elite could have done better to support me. I have been very happy all the way. The communication was always quick and effective. Bailey was always on top of things, replying quick to emails, being helpful, patient and kind. I’d like to say a big THANK YOU for your help!”

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