“Sue and Leah were a Lifeline”

We hear from Michael Connell, who recently sold his practice in Wood Green, London.

Which consultant in Dental Elite did you work with?

“I had two – Leah Turner and Sue Humphrey.”

Where they in regular contact?

“They were both absolutely superb. I couldn’t fault them.”

How did you find the bidding process?

“Altogether, I was very pleased with the bidding process. Dental Elite used the open bidding method, which helped to encourage competition and drive the offer amounts.”

What was the most challenging time in your sale?

“At a late stage in the proceedings the buyers wanted to reduce their offer otherwise they were going to abort the sale. Naturally, this was quite frustrating and led to delays of three months as the terms had to be re-negotiated. Sue and Leah were a lifeline during this time in helping to alleviate tension and acting as intermediaries between myself, the buyers and the solicitors.”

How did you find the CQC changeover process?

“I had no problems whatsoever with the CQC aspect of the process; it was all very straightforward.”

Why did you choose Dental Elite over others?

“I first came across Dental Elite on the internet about four years ago when I first started thinking about selling, and was introduced to Leah who carried out a valuation and healthcheck on the practice. Straightaway I was very impressed with her approach and liked her personality, so when it came time to finally sell I didn’t hesitate to call.”

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