Smooth Sale

As a recent vendor recently found out when he sold his practice, transactions don’t always have to be complicated.

“Everything ran smoothly,” said Dr B (who wishes to remain anonymous), “and the whole process only took five months to complete.”

How did he complete so quickly? As Dr B explains, it can sometimes be prudent to sell to a buyer with similar time scales and goals as you.

“I took many factors into account,” he reflects, “including how each buyer would impact aspects of the sale such as due diligence as well as completion time. Thus, in the end, I didn’t actually accept the highest bid – I went for the buyer that I thought would be best for the sale and right for the practice in the long-term.”

 Dr B also recognised the benefits that working with a leading practice sales agency could provide.

“When the time came I knew that I wanted to work with Luke Moore and Dental Elite. Over the years we have maintained a professional relationship and that made a difference I think. I would definitely recommend Dental Elite to future vendors.”

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