Selling Up for Retirement

Dr Vinod Sehmi recently sold a practice with the support of Dental Elite. About his experience he says:

“I decided to sell the practice in preparation for my retirement. I’d had the business valuated by Leah Turner at Dental Elite a few years ago and decided to follow-up with the team. I worked primarily with Julie Randle, who was in regular contact throughout.

“With regards to the transaction itself, the bidding process was excellent and I was pleased with the offers received. I also had no issues with the CQC changeover as everything went smoothly. The due diligence – as would be expected – was quite taxing, but a necessary evil.

“The whole thing took about 6 months. I preferred a cash buyer and so my decision to accept an offer reflected this.

“It’s difficult to offer advice for others looking to sell as there are so many variables and personalities involved, but I would recommend Dental Elite.”

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