Q & A with Gurvinder Sokhi

Which consultant in Dental Elite did you work with?

“It was Leah Turner that I worked with and she was fantastic.”

Was she in regular contact?
“Not only was she always in regular contact, but she was also extremely professional at all times. Plus, she got on with the job quickly and efficiently – she knew the task ahead and she didn’t stop until she achieved the intended result. Once the initial stages were out of the way I didn’t need to communicate with Leah as much, but I knew that she was always available if I needed her.”

What did you like about Dental Elite?
“As well as its quality service, I liked that Dental Elite was honest and upfront about its costs as it made planning and organising my finances much easier and far more accurate. Other companies I found weren’t so forthcoming with their fees or the costs of selling a practice, which I found disconcerting. In fact, it was because of the team’s transparency that I decided to work with Dental Elite.”

How did you find the bidding process?
“I wasn’t heavily involved, but I was very happy with the way in which the process was carried out. I thought that it was a very fair, straightforward and transparent system that produced great results. Plus, because of Leah’s knowledge and experience, she was able to offer me advice on all the offers that I received, which allowed me to make a much more informed decision”.

What advice would you give to future sellers?
“First and foremost, I suggest that they use an agency such as Dental Elite! Secondly, I recommend that they utilise their time wisely at the start of the process to get all the necessary paperwork in order for due diligence and so on. Leah was fantastic with this; she gave me a list of all the documents that I would need, which allowed me to get ahead and get my affairs in order.

“Essentially it is crucial that you have a team of experts around you that not only know what they are doing, but can identify possible pitfalls and rectify problems should any occur. Dental Elite had mitigated most problems beforehand so the sale was ready to progress forward as soon as I found a buyer.”

Would you recommend Dental Elite?
“All in all, the service was excellent, so I definitely recommend Dental Elite and Leah to other sellers.”