Practice Finance – Imran Ahmed Shares His Story

We all have the dream of owning our own practice, however the thought of making that transition is often frightening.

My first thought was, what can I afford? The only loan I’d ever got was for my home, and that was in the days banks were handing out money to anyone and everyone. This is where DE Finance, and in particular Becki, were invaluable. Long before I found the right practice, Becki had taken all the relevant information from me, and let me know what I could realistically expect to get from the banks given my circumstances. This really narrowed down my search criteria, allowing me to stop wasting time on those practices that were out of my reach.

This was to be my first acquisition, for a reasonably sized practice in South Yorkshire, with a healthy NHS contract. Before committing, DE Finance ran through all the figures again, ensuring the purchase was financially viable, before we moved forward.

In between dealing with the sellers and our respective solicitors, as well as having to turn up to work each day, I didn’t have time for much else. In DE Finance I felt like I had a PA, with Becki contacting all the major banks (and some I’d never heard of) on my behalf, leaving me to get on with other things. I left Becki to fight my corner as to why they should lend someone who has never run a business, let alone a dental practice, such a large sum of money. This I thought was going to be the most stressful part of the purchase, but it turned to be the easiest.

Becki had influential contacts in all the right places, and offers from the banks quickly came rolling in. More importantly, because Becki was involved, the banks knew they would be competing against each other, and subsequently provided offers at fantastic rates. I certainly didn’t have time to approach all these banks myself, nor would I have received the rates I did.

Things didn’t end here however. Becki followed the process right through to completion and beyond. She was always there when I needed to contact her, even out of work hours. When the bank was labouring with the sale at times, she would intervene on my behalf and get her contact to push things along. It was great just being able to pick up the phone when I wasn’t sure about something, to receive some expert guidance, or even just some much needed reassurance.

Would I recommend Becki? Absolutely, without hesitation. I know who the first person I ring will be, when I’m ready to make my next acquisition, even if it’s not a dental practice. And what did this fantastic service cost me ? Nothing, not a penny!

Thank you Becki for making this whole process so easy for me.