Interview Guide

Read our top tips for your next interview and be confident! Remember the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Make sure when you meet the interviewer you shake hands firmly and smile.

Be prepared

  • Research the practice thoroughly. Always check their website if they have one.
  • Plan your journey carefully and arrive 10 mins early (if you can’t avoid lateness, call !)
  • Be aware of the interview process, who you’ll meet, their role etc
  • Remember to take with you any evidence of professional registrations e.g. GDC Registration / Hep B Certificate / Language Test / PCT Registration etc
  • Take a pad & pen with you. This should include your pre-prepared questions & your initial observations/comments about the practice. At the beginning of the interview politely say you’d like to take notes.
  • Remember the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Make sure when you meet the interviewer you shake hands firmly and smile. Always dress smartly, eg, conservative suits, plain ties, polished shoes. Minimal jewellery, minimal perfume. No piercings. If your coming straight from surgery, please tell us and we’ll make them aware of it.

During the interview

  • Stay relaxed and maintain eye contact. Don’t fidget.
  • Answer questions honestly (it’s imperative you discuss any areas of doubt with us before the interview). Don’t try to ‘blag’ an answer, it’ll be obvious. If you don’t know or don’t have that experience, be honest, but make it clear you’re a quick learner and direct the conversation to your positive attributes.
  • Answer questions fully, but don’t ramble, make sure your answers are relevant
  • Your listening skills are paramount in any interview
  • Make sure you’ve discussed your achievements, especially as examples to answer their questions; tell them about your successes, eg your practice recruitment techniques, private referrals, team morale building, etc etc, or, if appropriate, tell them about your personal successes, eg academically or sporting, etc. Be precise, give facts and figures, and quantify your achievements wherever possible, (have a pre-prepared list)
  • Use the interviewer’s name
  • The interviewer will want to know what you think you can do for them
  • Demonstrate a real interest in the practice –Ask about their specialist interests, the team who you’d be working with.
  • Know what you want & where you’re going – within reason be specific.

Some useful questions

  • What are the practice’s plans over the next 2-3 years?
  • What are the backgrounds of the rest of the team?
  • What are the expectations in the first 6 months?

Some basic hints

  • Turn your mobile off (don’t leave it on vibrate)
  • Don’t get greedy re earnings at interview – we will negotiate the very best possible package for you
  • Don’t overly criticise past/present

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