Great Service Twice in a Row

Having now sold two dental practices with the support of Dental Elite, Dr Ali Dargahi comments on his experience of support provided both times:

“I had worked with Dental Elite in the past selling another practice, and as I had a good experience with them, I chose them as my agent once again more recently.

“In both situations, the bidding process was very professionally dealt with. The CQC changeover was also smooth and effective, although it was a little slower this latest time due to COVID.

“During the most recent sale, I was delighted to achieve a much higher price at completion compared to the valuation – and we were able to finish the process in just under 8 months.

“Each time I have worked with Dental Elite, the support of the team has been very good and they have always been available to help.

“For any colleagues looking sell their own practice, I would highly recommend preparing carefully and starting in good time – especially if there is a lease involved. Most importantly, you’ll need to be patient to get the best deal for you.”


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