Estetica Dental Lab: Profile

Dental Elite works with a wide range of businesses from a number of backgrounds. Boasting a vast network of contacts, it is Dental Elite’s personalised approach and emphasis on relationships that makes it stand out from other firms in the field.

Here, Dental Elite asks Angelo Zuccari Plini, Company Director at Estetica Dental lab in London, a few questions to give a better idea of the sorts of companies that it liaises with on a day-to-day basis.

How did you come to open your own dental laboratory in the UK?
“Having studied and qualified in Italy – I was born in Rome – I made the decision to move to London ten years ago. I knew that in order to improve my skills and knowledge I would have to relocate, and London has given me that opportunity.

“When Estetica first opened in October 2010, we were sharing workspace with another laboratory – not ideal, but everyone has to start somewhere. The aim was to move to our own premises where we could operate independently in our own space, grow as a team and increase our presence in the market by refining our standards and service. I am very pleased to say we have done just that.”

What is your team like now?
“Now, I have got a team of 20 people – three plaster and four metal technicians, four ceramists, three receptionists, two staff working on E-max restorations and two employed in the CAD/CAM department. We also have two drivers that are employed full time to provide free collection and delivery services to our clients within the M25. For clients based outside of London, we use Royal Mail. Coordinating a laboratory of this size can be a challenge, but I love it nonetheless.”

How is Estetica different from other laboratories?
“I would say the thing that makes us stand out from other businesses is that we don’t mass produce products, everything is made for the individual. From casting the models through to the finishing touches we always take extra care and use only the latest and best technologies and materials available.

“Our restorations are also subject to rigorous quality checks, not just on completion but after each stage of production. This allows us to refine our processes and come up with effective, time efficient solutions that improve our products and service.

“To ensure that the team remains up to date with the latest innovations and techniques, I actively encourage all staff members to undertake additional training and attend local, national and global conferences and events.”

What does the lab specialise in?
“We are a milling centre with our own milling machine and scanner and specialise in metal-free ceramics, implants – we offer a wide range of services from single tooth restorations to smile makeovers – implant full contour abutments, zirconia crowns and bridges. What’s more, Estetica is an approved laboratory for different implant systems such as BioHorizons, OSSTEM, Implantium and Dentsply, not to mention that I am a Renfert opinion leader. We also specialise in full arch immediate loading or same day teeth.”

What advantage does a milling centre give to your customers?
“Firstly, it gives us consistency and accuracy, not to mention that it affords us the freedom to accommodate any special requests from clients – as mentioned before we are proud to say there is no mass production at Estetica. We also provide free shade matching consultations for anterior restorations, which ensures patients receive a colour that they are happy with.”

What are the core values of the laboratory?
“The way I see it our job is to help patients regain their confidence, and for that reason, we treat cases like we would expect our families to be treated – with honesty and respect. Our high standard of service is reflected in every aspect of our work, and that is why we have customer loyalty.”

What are your plans for the future?
“Right now we only have one Estetica laboratory, but who knows what the future brings? My intention is to be the best laboratory in the UK and if our business continues to grow, perhaps one day this will be the case.”

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