Efficient Team, Efficient Practice

Finding the right candidate for your dental team can be an arduous process.

Luckily, Dental Elite is here to make the process smoother, so you’ll have your ideal dental team in no time.

Rohini Anderson worked with Dental Elite to find a suitable candidate for her practice. She comments:

“I worked with the recruitment team, who were very knowledgeable in finding what we wanted. They were efficient and straight to the point when talking about the information we required, and what we needed to put in the advert.

“We were looking for a dentist to join the team, and we’re satisfied with the candidates that Dental Elite put forward – the candidate is really nice, and is getting on well with everyone.

“They found someone very quickly, and I’d contact Dental Elite for any future recruitment needs.

“The process was done well and went smoothly, so I’d definitely recommend Dental Elite to others!”

For more information, visit dentalelite.co.uk, email info@dentalelite.co.uk or call 01788 545 900