DE Finance Supporting a First Time Buyer

One of the leaders in brokering finance in the UK, Dental Elite offers a specialist, expert service to both first time and experienced buyers. Here, Suzette Mulder, a first time buyer, details her acquisition and the support she received from Dental Elite.

How did Dental Elite help you?

“Dental Elite Finance helped me with the purchase of Winchester Orthodontic Practice – which changed from an NHS contract to private in 2002 – and the transfer of assets from the old company to my own limited company.”

Why did you choose Dental Elite?

“I utilised Dental Elite’s finance division because I wanted a service that could help me explore the market in regards to options available to me. I had contacted several other agencies at the time, but Dental Elite was the only one that got back to me promptly and really got the ball rolling. Ultimately, I needed some guidance on the financial processes and how to proceed with making an offer on Winchester Orthodontic Practice and I was confident that the team could assist me in these areas.”

How did using Dental Elite benefit you?

“Becki Barnett, my representative, helped me to assess my personal finances and the practice accounts to see whether the purchase would be financially sustainable. She also ran stress tests using potential worst-case scenarios to determine whether the practice could afford the bank payments. The process has been very unique as I am still going to work somewhere else as well, so it’s not just the practice itself that needed to be taken into consideration, it was my own personal circumstances. Despite this complication, Becki was absolutely fantastic in helping me with this.”

Did you experience any complications?

“The only issue I had was that the bank took a long time to get back to me about a potential loan, but that was not Becki’s fault. Not only did she put pressure on the bank to respond with a preliminary answer, but she also secured me the best deal available – a rate of 1.98% for a five-year loan. Thus, although we had to wait some time for a response from HSBC, it was worth it thanks to Becki and I really appreciate her effort and persistence. She did everything she needed to do on time, and honestly, I can’t fault the service!”

 Would you recommend Dental Elite to others?

“Absolutely, the service was exceptional.”

For more information contact Dental Elite. Visit dentalelite.co.uk, email Finance@dentalelite.co.uk  or call 01788 545 900