An Efficient and Professional Service

Dr Mariana Sacramento was on the lookout for a new role, and entrusted the help of Dental Elite to help her find one. She comments:

“I was looking for a role as a dentist and, as I was relocating, needed something closer to me.

“I worked with the Dental Elite recruitment team, who were very efficient. The whole process took approximately 4 weeks, and I accepted my offer as the practice was in the right location, I liked the company and they offered the flexibility I need.

“I came across Dental Elite online and, compared to other agencies, they provided more offers, they were easy to communicate with at all times, as well acting and responding quickly with the company.

“I’d absolutely recommend Dental Elite to others seeking a new role!”

For more information, visit www.dentalelite.co.uk, email info@dentalelite.co.uk or call 01788 545 900