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Irelands Dental July 10 Dental Elite Article Choose An Agent Based On Professional Recommendations Ted Johnson p 48

When it comes to acquiring or selling a dental practice, it’s important to get the right professional support in order to encourage a smooth and effective process. The team you work with can make a huge difference to your experience and the success of a transaction, so choosing wisely is a must.

Seeking out advice from other individuals who have been through similar situations can be a great help, as you can glean valuable insight into what to expect and how to avoid common pitfalls associated with the process. Preparation is often key when it comes to practice sales and acquisitions and every little certainly helps! In addition, looking for personal recommendations for the agents colleagues have liaised with will help to point you in the right direction when it comes to selecting an effective agent for you.

Dr Chhaya Chauhan recently bought Tru Smile Dental Practice with the support of Dental Elite. Here she shares her experience and discusses how she found working with the team.

Which Consultant(s) at Dental Elite did you work with?

I worked with Sue Humphrey and Helen Craine.

Were they in regular contact and were they approachable if you had any queries?

They were both brilliant for staying in contact regularly. They were very approachable and really made me feel very comfortable to ask any questions that I had throughout the process. 

Were you comfortable that you had all the information you needed throughout the process? 

Yes. They always gave me the best information and kept me up-to-date with everything that was happening during the transaction. 

How did you find the agent buffer between solicitors, buyer and seller? 

It was amazing to have the agent round up all the latest information – this was very useful with so much going on. I also liked that I had a single point of contact. It was easy to get updates from Sue as she was the person dealing with all aspects of my traction and I didn’t have to explain the situation to a new person every time. 

Would you recommend Dental Elite to others?

Yes, 100%. I would say they provide the best service by far. They were one of the only agents in the dental market to include CQC support, which is a massive benefit.

Anything else you would like to say?

Thank you so much to the whole team for being so wonderful in this process! They really do hold your hand through the whole thing and get you to the finish line as efficiently as possible.   

If you’re looking for advice or support with buying or selling a dental practice, find out what the experienced team at Dental Elite could do for you by contacting them today.