A Quick Turnaround

Due to a sudden change in personal circumstances, a dentist from Cheshire needed to sell her practice rapidly and chose to work with Dental Elite:

“I was looking for a buyer who could complete quickly and not tie me into a long-term contract, who would also offer a fair price.

“The most challenging time in the sale for me was the last few days – there seemed to be a lot of queries that I felt could have been managed with earlier in the process. I also had to deal with an error with the CQC, who sent confidential information to a work email after I requested that it be sent to a personal address.

“I chose to work with Dental Elite as they were extremely helpful and understanding of my situation, both at the beginning and throughout the whole process. I worked predominantly with Catherine, who was very helpful. In particular, she helped me manage the bidding process – which I found quite stressful – enabling me to choose the best buyer for me.

“For others looking to sell a practice, it’s important to appreciate that it can be a long and stressful process. I would recommend the support of Dental Elite.”

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