Fear of the dentist, otherwise known as odontophobia, is common amongst young children.

A variety of causes can induce the fear, perhaps they sense anxiety in their parents, or they heard scary stories about the dentist and they fear being hurt. Mostly, however, it’s a fear of the unknown. Dentist clinics can be intimidating places if you are unfamiliar with them. They are like nothing else you have encountered as a kid – sterile places and formal, with lots of empty space and generally a tense, hushed silence that breeds anxiety. At least with a doctor’s surgery it’s easy to understand why you’re there, but a dentist is a little harder to fathom. I feel fine, so why am I being assessed by people in long white coats with masks and tools and bright lights?

We’ve put together this short animation to explain it all. In an easy to understand Q and A style format, we hope this video will answer any questions a child might have about what the dentist is and why it’s necessary. By eliminating the gaps in a child’s understanding, there is little room for their highly active imaginations to induce fear, and children can feel safer and happier when visiting the dentist.


There is always a demand for paediatric dentists and dental staff who are personable with children. If you’ve got what it takes to be professional while putting a child at ease, then maybe a career in dentistry could be for you? For information about the latest dental jobs, look no further than Dental Elite. We have jobs listings across the length and width of the UK. So you should be able to find a job local to you.